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Strategy & Policy Development

We develop strategies and policies for the delivery of arts activity in the public realm, which assess feasibility and define frameworks for implementation by:
  • Identifying and defining project contexts, opportunities and constraints
  • Advising on curatorial, commissioning, procurement and management approaches
  • Outlining deliverable and dynamic programmes of work that maximise value
  • Providing advise on funding, evaluation, consultation & engagement, project governance, planning requirements and the maintenance, sustainability and legacy of projects

Project Management & Consultancy Services

We offer comprehensive project management and consultancy services to define and deliver art projects in the public realm; working with key stakeholders to develop and implement project management plans by:
  • Outlining the scope, aims and objectives of projects
  • Managing project budgets, work schedules and resources
  • Providing quality assurance through the maintenance of records, obtaining material specifications and guarantees, overseeing contractual arrangements, and the production of risk assessments and maintenance schedules
  • Proposing and actioning appropriate curatorial and commissioning approaches
  • Advising on and managing transparent artist selection and procurement processes, including preparing artists’ briefs and researching, identifying and commissioning artists and other creative practitioners
  • Ensuring projects meet relevant planning requirements by liaising with planning professionals and producing necessary proposals and reports
  • Recommending suitable project governance and consultation methods and managing associated activities
  • Securing the involvement and support of all relevant parties through establishing and facilitating robust communication procedures
  • Delivering high quality outcomes by raising, exploring and managing  expectations
  • Enhancing the positive public profile of projects through appropriate press and publicity
  • Adding value by exploiting opportunities for additional and supplementary activities to positively maximise the impact and legacy of projects
  • Developing and undertaking project evaluation and fundraising activities

Curation & Collaboration

We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of contemporary public art practice and providing and maximizing opportunities for others to make and experiences art in the public realm. We welcome the opportunity to develop innovative creative projects in the public realm, in collaboration with other art and non-art professionals, individuals, groups and organisations. Please get in touch if you can think of a way in which we may work together.

Advocacy, Critical Dialogue, Training & Development

We advocate for best practice through the quality of our work and associated training and development opportunities and events that encourage critical dialogue and push the boundaries of creative engagement in the public realm, such as mentoring programmes, talks, seminars, publications and critical writing.

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