Addo are pleased to announce that their North Wales Office is now part of the Media, Art and Design Research Centre at Glyndwr University.

“It is our ambition to produce publications, exhibitions, conferences and public seminars which will benefit both the university and the wider community,” said Dr Susan Liggett, head of the Research Centre for Media, Art and Design, “The best teaching is underpinned by research.”

She added: “Media, art and design research is vitally important to society. Much of our knowledge of the world comes from how we perceive the world rather than how we quantify it and this is the sort of research we are interested in.

“A performance, an artwork or a piece of sound provides us with new ways to experience the world and gives us new understanding of what it means to be human.”

The centre will bring together areas including creative media technologies, humanities, journalism and broadcasting, theatre, television and performance, Welsh and art and design.

Addo and the Media, Art and Design Research Centre have just been awarded Seed Fund project funding from Artworks Cymru to work together to develop a toolkit looking at how early career and student artists can build effective art projects with non-art partners.