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Dan Rees continues his research residency on the Glyndwr Cymru, Arts Council of Wales programme to contribute to the cultural significance of canals in Wales and their relevance to local communities and contemporary Welsh culture. This phase sees the artist undertake a three month period of research based at Bevilacqua la Masa in Venice.

Dan is continuing to look at the Anthropocene, a subject he began work on during the first part of his residency while at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. Dan will take part in a number of events, including talks and discussions, to share his research while in Venice.

With Per Törnberg, he is currently showing ‘The Capitalocene’ as part of Cardiff Contemporary. This short, a reflection on the Anthropocene research recently undertaken, plays much like a trailer for a film that never gets made, or more fittingly for millions of videos being shot every second all over the planet. An ancient ancestor once said, ‘Fossils are in the air and they permeate through us’.