A crowd of life-size colour portraits, drawn by artists Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio, will appear Flint Library and Jade Jones Pavilion, Flint during 25th– 31stMay.

The life-size drawings are lively portraits of people that the artists have met or heard about in Flint, during their research for the Flint Town Art Trail, a series of sculptures for Castle Street and Church Street which they will be making later in the year.

Each drawn colour portrait appears on its own pull-up banner, and the group includes Flint people old and young, past and present, residents and visitors, building to show an intriguing snapshot of the town.

“We work all over the world and the welcome we’ve had from people in Flint has been one of the warmest. Drawing portraits is one of the ways in which we get to meet people in the process of making new artworks, and we’ve had an amazing response, from the youth clubs to schools, history and craft buffs, domino and rugby players, Brownies and Guides, knitters and many others.” – Simon Grennan

The commission for the Flint Town Art Trail has been has been developed in a partnership between Addo and Flint County Council, and is part of the Flint Foreshore Regeneration Project.