Addo is pleased to announce the appointment of Camp Little Hope to the Corwen Artist in Residence 2013 post.

The residency seeks to explore the connectivity between Corwen town and the new railway platform, due to open in Spring 2014.  The platform will serve the extension of the Llangollen Heritage Railway.

Camp Little Hope is a group of artists who use sculpture, design, and public events to investigate issues of communal importance. Hailing from the UK and USA, the members are Isabella Martin, Walker Tufts, Aislinn Pentecost Farren, Mary Rothlisberger and Elliott Montgomery.

‘Camp Little Hope are delighted to have been invited by Addo, the Corwen Partnership and Arts Council of Wales to explore the effect the forthcoming steam rail line will have on Corwen. We will investigate various uses of the floodplain next to the train platform through temporary public art projects. These projects will invite residents to consider the town’s future, the opportunities and risks inherent in tourism, the relationship between culture and capital, and how the meaning of a place changes when a transient population increases’  Isabella Martin, Camp Little Hope.

Throughout the residency, from August-October 2013, 2-3 members of Camp Little Hope will reside in Corwen. During the first stage of the residency, they will develop a number of experimental projects that explore the town’s relationship to the floodplain. As these experiments progress they will work with townspeople, students, and others to create a long term vision for Corwen’s relationship to the train, tourists, and the field.

More about Camp Little Hope

The members met while working at a museum in North Carolina and recently completed a project exploring the future of water in Philadelphia collaboratively with the public as part of the Hidden City Philadelphia festival. Other projects have resulted in the group creating boat prototypes, temporary museums, pop-up cafes, free workshops, field trips and public lectures.  Further information about Camp Little Hope is available at:

For further information about this project, please contact:

Tracy Simpson at Addo

t:  07890203218


This project is a partnership between the Partneriaeth Corwen Partnership, Denbighshire County Council, Centre for Alternative Technology, the Arts Council of Wales and Addo.